Admission Forms and Information

Registration and Admission Procedures

The parents or guardians of all students applying to the academy MUST be present at the school to complete their registration on the scheduled dates. A conference with the principal will be scheduled, and placement tests in Math and Reading will be administered to the student seeking admission. The admissions committee will then review all applications and other documents to determine admission. We require the following on the the day of registration:
                  1. Completion of all applicable forms in the registration package
                  2. Current copy of physical/immunization information. These forms must be signed by a qualified physician
                  3. Two good character references
                  4. Willingness of students and parents/guardians to live by the written and verbal policies and guidelines of
                       the school
                  5. Meeting financial obligations and supporting the school's programs
                  6. Transcripts and records of previous schools attended
                  7. Birth certificate (Kindergarten and First grade students only)
                  8. Registration fees and first tuition installment
                  9. A Social Security number
Signing the registration form is a contract indicating that the parents or guardians and students pledge to respect the principles of Mt. Calvary Junior Academy and support the requirements and regulations.

Grade Placement

Students desiring to enter Kindergarten program must be five (5) years old by September 1 in the year seeking admission.

Grade 1
Students desiring to enter Grade 1 must be six (6) years old by September 1 in the year admission.

Grades 2-8
We admit students to grades 2-8 providintg they meet all registration requirements.



For your convenience, the first tuition installment is due registration. Please refer to your registration package for fees. 

In a family with two (2) or more children attending the school, the first child will pay the full tuition, the second child will receive a ten (10%) percent discount, and all other children will get a fifteen percent (15%) discount off of tuition.

Parents or guardians who pay their children's tuition in full at registration will receive a ten percent (10%) discount. 

Parents or guardians who pay fifty percent (50%) of the total tuition at registration, will receive a five percent (5%) discount. A discount of five percent (5%) will also be given to parents or guardians who pay the remaining fifty percent of their child's tuition in full by January 10th. 


Registration Fee

The academy charges each applicant an annual registration fee at rates set by the school board. These fees help to cover the cost of textbook rental, workbooks, student insurance, standardized tests, library fees, and classroom supplies which are essential to our instructional program and general office overhead. 

Registration Forms

Registration Checklist
Returning Student Checklist
Student Applicatio
n Page 1
Student Application Page 2

After School Garment Changing Form
Continuing Consent to Treatment
Medical Information Sheet
Permission Slip
Recommendation Form
School Bulletin Contract
School Regulations
Student Information Blank (2 sheets required)
Student Parent Info Sheet1
Student Parent Info Sheet2
Student Pick-Up Form

Public Release CEP_Media Release 2016-2017
NSLP English Civil Right Complaint of Discrimination
NSLP Spanish NonDiscrimination Statement _ 2016
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